Lady Macbeth, meet my table…

The table is still “progressing” for those of you who use day planners. About 3/5 finished with round one and oh the lessons to be learned! At this stage of the “progressing”, I am pleased with what appears to be the eventual outcome, but like most perfectionists, I will continue working the plan until I can say “complete”. And then probably work at it a little more.

The process of gluing TORN brown paper to a dinner table must be done in numerous stages, because one layer is not going to be enough, at least not for my house with all the little bodies that come and go every few minutes. After the glue dried, I could see gaps…shudder and shriek…between the paper. And, horror upon horror…GLUE BUBBLES! DRIED!!! I know, I am overreacting a tad, but just allow me the space to work it all out on paper. Ha! Paper. (Superman is a punster…he would love the wording here and question as to whether I planned to say it for the effect. Alas, no…a mere slip of the pen–lol). But I digress…

From my previous attempt at decoupaging my table, I learned how easily small children could wreak havoc on my artistic attempts with their own artistic works. So, I am doing layer upon layer, glue upon glue, and ultimately, polyurethane LAYERS…plural. And still in hopes that the final product will be clearly hand-done, but beautiful and DURABLE. I am not quite sure which is more important to me…the beautiful or the durable…I just don’t know that I want to undertake the project for a table this size EVER AGAIN.

When I saw the dried glue bubble, I tried to flatten it first. Nope, no way. Then I tried to massage it with my thumb. I got a callous. I tried to pop it with my fingernail–I now need a manicure. Then I backed up and looked at it without my glasses on…AWESOME! Clearly not going to be an issue for most people, and if it is…well, that won’t be my problem, will it? I may just set a basket by the door for people’s eyeglasses upon entering the house and that will solve numerous problems, won’t it? The flaws will be gone, then, right?

Then I thought of Lady Macbeth and her persistent stain that she tried to wash out…now THAT would have driven me crazy. Spiritual dirt. Oxiclean could not remove that stain from her hands and certainly not from her heart. And you all know how I feel about Oxiclean. It is interesting how much time and money is spent covering up visible or perceived imperfections…makeup, hair color, collagen injections, liposuction…but so little effort is spent on the spiritual dirt that we carry around. What a load that can be when we stubbornly insist that it is our load to bear. I can just hear someone say that with the little sigh at the end of the sentence and the accompanying forlorn look.

All that garbage was paid for, once and for all, so that we could be freed of the burden and live in peace. Jesus’ last words on the cross were: IT IS FINISHED. He had accomplished all that was needed. Why do we think we can add to what He did? Why would we WANT to? And what does He require of us? Simply taking Jesus at His word that the total price for all that spiritual dirt…also known as sin…has been cleansed fully and for all time. My load is gone. Forever. And I don’t want it back.

My table will probably not look like it is quite finished, even after I am done with it. But I hope to reach that point, very soon, of saying I am finished with it and start living my daily life using that table fully and fearlessly. When it is finished, I will show it to you:).


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