Just me, my table, some brown paper and glue

I am a cheap skate in many respects. I like to take junk and turn it into junque. Garage sales, “antique” shops, road side stands…all fair game–I’ve been known to take things other people set out for the trash too.

I have a pretty small dining room that adjoins my living room and is open to the kitchen…not formal, but not an eat-in kitchen either, so having the right table is important. When we moved into this house, my old table was too wide. So, I started looking for something to replace the table and happened upon this broken down wood table. The veneer was chipped in a few places, and it needed new legs (it only had 3), but I could see how it could be made to work, and my husband is generally a very good sport at turning my finds into usefulness.

I found some table legs on Ebay and we sanded down the table to refinish it with stain. Major fail. So…I decided to go out on a limb and paint the table chartreuse green. Hmmm, not quite fail, but not quite right either. Decided to try my hand at decoupaging pretty paper onto the top…not quite great, but passable.

The first time we ate at the table, one of the kids pulled off a piece of the paper on a corner. Day two, permanent marker joined the torn corner. After a few more days, there were all sorts of new evidences of distressing…and that was distressing ME. The green was starting to bug me, and at Christmas, the pretty paper wasn’t so pretty and didn’t go with any of my decor. Ugh…I hate making this many changes for a piece of junk.

Then I was struck with a new idea…black paint and brown paper. Leather looking, right? Superman agreed to repaint the exposed parts of the table black (looks amazing in black) and I began tearing paper and applying it to the top. This time I decided to finger paint the glue and made my own glue medium. I am half way through the gluing and papering process. I love it so far.

But as you well know, I cannot undertake a project like this without seeing some hidden significant spiritual truth to think about as I work. I was reminded of so many different examples throughout the Bible of God taking someone seemingly unlovely or unusable and turning them into a piece of His workmanship. There are so many examples of God moving people  into unusual roles and giving them all they needed to fulfill His purposes. I am reminded of Ruth–a Moabitess who left her people and her home to follow Naomi and ultimately became a part of the line of King David and on down the line to the Savior. Major wow. Or how about David…shepherd boy, musician and giant slayer who became known as “a man after God’s own heart” even though David’s sin with Bathsheba was very public and just awful. Or what about Esther, the young Jewish girl, who became queen and saved her people from destruction? What about Paul, the one who participated in the killing of the Christians only to be knocked off his horse and converted into a tremendous missionary of his day?

Like my unlikely table, God does the same things with us. Broken people in need of major rehabbing from the inside out and does all the work to make us HIS!

Ephesians 2:10–for we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works

Gotta love the way God does the work before expecting us to be of any use…and now, I must get that table finished so that it will be useful by tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Just me, my table, some brown paper and glue

  1. I so very much LOVE the last paragraph in the post. Art imitating life, I think. And yes, God is constantly taking our misshapen, irregular, faded, worn out, nicked, dented, scratched, and beaten selves, refashioning us into splendor He can use. How great is out God . . .

    Can’t wait to see how this table turned out!

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