It Used to Bug Me Being Married to Superman…

I am married to Superman. I know my name isn’t Lois Lane, but it might as well be. After all these years of blissful matrimonio, I have finally decided to relish my role. I mean, if every one you know (or has ever known you or your husband) has the exact same perspective of your absolutely awesomely inexplicably divine husband, shouldn’t YOU share that perspective?

Come on now…be honest…how many times do you hear about that permanent smile affixed to his face? Or his seeming inability to age? Or how he hasn’t gained a pound after all this time (excuse me, all his weight somehow landed on me, thank you very much), what an awesome grandfather he is (he really is)…

It used to really bug me to hear all these awestruck people telling me how lucky I was to have snagged him. Wow…how on earth did I do it? Why on earth would someone so awesome get stuck with…me. That was how it kind of felt. Of course, that wasn’t HIS perspective, but let me tell you, when MY OWN GRANDMOTHER told me she didn’t know what he ever saw in me and that I didn’t deserve him, I confess to being a little annoyed, or sad, or maybe just completely demoralized and downcast in spirit.

There are a lot of elements of truth that these in-lookers have gotten right through the years. For example,

  • his smile is perpetual (although it is rather lopsided now)
  • he still walks with that bouncy step
  • he still loves to teach high school
  • little children and little old ladies love him
  • he has never met a stranger
  • he still weighs everything he does by his life motto (does it count for eternity)
  • he loves to please me
  • he lives to please the Lord
  • the joy of the Lord in him is clearly evident just by looking at his face

I admit it, I am a very blessed woman. While the Lord has chipped away at my rough spots through the years, I have finally reached the place of saying my grandmother was right. Not for saying what she did–that just plain hurt me. But my husband has been that blessing in my life that I really didn’t deserve. Because of God’s grace and mercy, He blessed me with what I needed in a husband, not what I had earned.

I guess I find it a little easier to understand my salvation when I understand the gift that I have in Nathan. I didn’t deserve him, I couldn’t earn his love…I couldn’t earn my salvation either. My salvation was a gift that I received because of God’s grace.

Ephesians 2

1-3 To you, who were spiritually dead all the time that you drifted along on the stream of this world’s ideas of living, and obeyed its unseen ruler (who is still operating in those who do not respond to the truth of God), to you Christ has given life! We all lived like that in the past, and followed the impulses and imaginations of our evil nature, being in fact under the wrath of God by nature, like everyone else.

4-10 But even though we were dead in our sins God, who is rich in mercy, because of the great love he had for us, gave us life together with Christ—it is, remember, by grace and not by achievement that you are saved—and has lifted us right out of the old life to take our place with him in Christ in the Heavens. Thus he shows for all time the tremendous generosity of the grace and kindness he has expressed towards us in Christ Jesus. It was nothing you could or did achieve—it was God’s gift to you. No one can pride himself upon earning the love of God. The fact is that what we are we owe to the hand of God upon us. We are born afresh in Christ, and born to do those good deeds which God planned for us to do.



3 thoughts on “It Used to Bug Me Being Married to Superman…

  1. Oh, my . . .

    I loved this post. Really loved it. You have a way of being open, honest, and vulnerable without coming across as complaining or whiny. Also, I think we share a relative. My grandmother has often said much of the same, both to me and behind my back. It hurts something fierce, I’ll tell you, but I think maybe their generation had to be just a bit tougher, a bit harder, you know? They have callouses around their soft spots, while we, able to be less cautionary, have been fortunate enough to stay soft and plushy. I thank Jesus for that. Bitterness and resentment are plagues I want nothing to do with.

    Your husband sounds wonderful, and you know what, you do, too. God knew that you would fit, and blessed you with one another. I often call my husband Prince (Not the artist formally known as, of course!) because he is and always has been a man of character and kindness. There have been many times I have believed I didn’t deserve him. I realized, though, that until accepted the gift he was in my life, I couldn’t love him with all of me. That insecurity left me holding back. These days I try to be the woman he deserves, and when I’m not, ask for God’s grace. 🙂 He gives it abundantly, as you must know.

    Thank you for sharing,

    • I do thank you from the depths of the sweet part of my heart for your kind comment. I am thanking God for taking what is in my heart and allowing me to communicate it onto the page. God has been so very good to me, and I am so grateful. God’s grace…I could just keep writing about it every single day…like His mercies, they are new every day. Thank you again for your kind comments–I am so encouraged. Writing this blog has been a sort of renewal of sorts–going out on a limb to see if the Lord could somehow use my life’s lessons for His glory. I am making new friends in the middle of it all, and wow–feeling so wonderfully blessed. Thanks again!

  2. this is so beautiful, I am so happy for you and your wonderful blessings of love and family. there is truly nothing better.
    I pray for mine, if he’s out there to be wonderful too:)

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