Vida–sweet little life–turns two

Today is my granddaughter’s birthday. She is officially a two year old, and as I have shared before, she has entered that stage of life that could make you shudder and run for cover. But she is a sweet little gift and I absolutely love this little girl even though she has turned our lives completely upside down.

She has a number of nicknames…”Curly Top”, “Crazy”,  but my favorite is”Loca”–which is what we called her mother at the same age. They are/were both crazy, energetic little bodies of constant motion, and that includes their ability to talk non-stop for excessively long periods of time. I am going to let the photos tell most of this story!

Vida's 1st Birthday

she looks so different when her hair is straightened

It goes without saying that this little girl has brought a lot of excitement to our lives, and I cannot imagine life without her. She sparkles with excitement all the time. She loves to sing, dance, run and jump. She has almost mastered a good forward roll, races down the driveway at full steam without crashing and pretty much keeps up with her big brothers. Her favorite program is “Bupple Guppies” and favorite song is “Deep and Wide”. Her prayers are worth recording–just to replay and try to figure out!

If you ask who her favorite person in the world is–of course, it is her Papa. From the moment he walks in the door, she is either held in his arms, sitting on his lap, riding on his shoulders, or hanging on his back with her toes hooked onto his belt. She loves her Papa and he loves her. Her Papa has a very important role in her life and he takes it very seriously.

My husband reminds me of how Jesus welcomed those little children to come and sit with Him, even though the disciples thought Jesus had better things to do. Honestly, there is nothing as important as loving the little ones and bringing them to Jesus. It is my hope that we will have the joy of seeing our precious Vida come to Jesus, as well as her brothers. And if we have the joy of bringing them to that saving knowledge and faith in Jesus, then Hallelujah!


2 thoughts on “Vida–sweet little life–turns two

  1. Precious Paula… gave me a glimpse into the relationship we all have with our Redeemer. Thinking on the days I used to ride on my daddy’s shoes, and grabbing onto his legs, he’d go a’walkin’. And my grandpa would do the ponytrot with us all the way down to the ice cream counter at Thrifty’s where a double scoop was 10 cents…. Beautiful days, but looking forward to the days ahead.

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