Seanisms and Getting Old

So, I am a Nana. Some days I am not exactly sure how that would be described. I have the joy of having three of my four grandchildren and their mommy living with my husband and me. Most days that is incredibly exhilarating and invigorating. The kiddos are almost 6, 4 and 2 years old, and seeing the world through their eyes is often a reason to praise God for everything He has done!

Some of the best one liners have come from my oldest grandson…

“Nana, is your toothbrush old?” asked Sean.

“Ummm, nooooo,” responded this Nana, with a question in my voice.

“Oh. Well, I just thought that since your teeth are old, that your toothbrush is old, too” came his clarification.

OK, I confess that sometimes I do refer to my eyes as being “old” or my feet being “old”, especially since the bifocals don’t always do the job, and that old broken foot with the screw in it pains me terribly sometimes. He understands why I can’t jump rope with him. And let’s not forget the support I receive from my daughter, who is painfully aware of how old I am.

“Aren’t you going to dye your hair? Your gray is really showing. Do you WANT to look OLD? You really need a haircut…you look like you’re 50 years old.”

“I am going to be 52 in a few weeks…it should be ok to have hair that looks it,” was my reply.

I realize that I will never win that battle with my daughter. For those of you who know her, you can appreciate her exotic beauty and my “nana-ish” looks and realize that we are not cut from the same cloth. And that is just fine with me. And for those of you who don’t know her, she is beautiful. Thick and long black hair that always looks just perfect…gorgeous skin the color of cinnamon…just a lovely young lady that makes both men and women take a look when she walks by. We look NOTHING like one another.

But back to Sean. One day we were having one of our SERIOUS conversations. He is fascinated by heaven and wants to know all about it. I was trying to explain how we would have new bodies in heaven that wouldn’t fail us like our human ones. Sean gets migraines and has epilepsy. I have my own problems. So in explaining heaven, I told him that in heaven, my eyes wouldn’t be old anymore, and my bad foot wouldn’t have the screw in it. And his response was absolutely vintage Sean.

“Oh Nana! It will be so AWESOME–you can run, and jump rope, and SEE! Oh that will be so cool. Oh Nana, I just can’t wait to go to heaven!”

And I totally agreed with him.


4 thoughts on “Seanisms and Getting Old

  1. At Last!!!!! Great start! Sean gives such great material! But, I need to know why your perfect son-in-law has more influence with you than I DO!!!! Smile! Don’t give away such good material. I’m serious. Do the book away from all eyes, except mine!!! Love you, Mom

  2. Bravo!!..and writng is good clean creative therapy..with lasting thoughts your whole family will treasure later in life..keep up your blogging…well done..”mom”…..xx

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